Discretionary Business Grants available from Huntingdonshire District Council

Huntingdonshire District Council’s Discretionary Business Grant scheme has been live for one week, and already over a third of the total limited fund (1.6m) has already been allocated to local businesses who have applied. Payments have been scheduled and those successful applicants will start to receive their Government grant towards the end of this week.

However, there is still a large amount of money remaining to apply for, and we recommend that any local businesses who are eligible apply quickly to avoid missing out. This funding does not need to be repaid; it is a grant distributed on behalf of Government to support businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic response.

We would like your help, perhaps by using your local connections to promote the scheme to local businesses.

The fund is targeted at local businesses that come under one of these four categories:

  • Shared/Serviced Accommodation (Workspace) £10,000
  • Bed & Breakfasts £5,000
  • Market Traders £3,000
  • Charities £5,000

Please note that if a business is utilising the Government furlough scheme and Self-Employed Income Support Scheme – they could still be eligible for the Discretionary Business Grant scheme.

Please encourage businesses to check their eligibility and apply today at:

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