The Planning authority for our local area is Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC) and it is to this authority that applications are normally made. When a planning application is received by HDC it sends out information to all its consultees for that property and asks for comments.  The Parish Council is one of those consultees.  We can then provide local knowledge and relay any views or concerns that have been raised by residents but ultimately HDC makes the decision.  Our comments have to based on planning reasons in line with local policy although we do raise other concerns if we feel it is appropriate.  It is very important if residents feel strongly about issues concerning applications that they raise them directly with HDC as well as ourselves.  This adds weight to the argument.

Current Application to be discussed at Council’s Planning meeting on November 3:

Proposal: Ground floor extension with ensuite facilities

Site Address: 23D Manor Road Folksworth Peterborough

Reference: 20/01718/HHFUL

Full details of this and all other applications can be accessed via this link: