The Great Folksworth Snowdrops in the Green Divide and Share

Haven’t the snowdrops (all donated from her own garden by a friend of the village) been a delight this year bringing little bursts of hope and happiness for a warmer time to come?


Now is the time to look ahead to 2022 and make our beautiful, natural environment even lovelier by dividing and replanting our snowdrop bulbs in the green.


*Plant in the green in your front garden for a gorgeous display


* Drop off spare bulbs for planting in the orchard and community spaces in the “Box next to the Fox” at 38 Manor Road by the end of March and we will plant them.


* Contact Yasmin Rogers on FB if you would like plant snowdrop bulbs yourself, for guidance where in the community to ensure they are in the best places.


*Share spare bulbs with friends and neighbours


NB It is against the law to take flowers and plants from the the wild