Update re Church Services – Stilton Group of Churches


18th March 2020 Dear Friends

You may already have heard that our national leadership has instructed that we are to suspend all public worship in our churches. We are also no longer to visit anyone over the age of 70 in their homes and to restrict physical proximity in general if possible. This also means we can have no further formal groups meeting for the time being.

So we are obliged to have no public worship in our churches. I have received a request to consider worship outdoors, I have followed this up and this won’t be possible I’m afraid. I will see what we are advised or whether we are free to make a local decision. Weddings, funerals and baptisms can still take place subject to agreement.

It all sounds like things are stopping. Of course, in some ways that’s true. But in fact it’s only half the truth. Cutting out one thing can mean allowing other things to flourish with the renewed energy of time and space.

There are many ways in which life is about to become much more difficult and frustrating. However, I’m also really excited about the potential for a new focus on quiet, reflection, prayer and resting in God’s word. Life at least for me can be way too busy to allow enough of that and I’ll make the most of this opportunity. We’ll also have more time to listen to one another and learn more about each other. That’s got to be good too.

With my team, I am in the process of drawing up a draft plan to help us respond most effectively to our situation. There’s no point in offering something you don’t want, so we need to do some talking to people and discerning. I’ll be in regular communication certainly through facebook and by as many means as helps. We will use our noticeboards to communicate too, so if you’re passing, have a look to see if there’s anything new.

Be assured of the prayers of all our churches at such an important time.