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My name is Yasmin Rogers (Bradley)and I have lived in three different houses in Folksworth since 1985!

We have enjoyed being involved in village life from the beginning running a folk club in the Fox and being active in NCT.  When the children (now grown-up) grew a little older, I played music and helped out at Toddlers, Playgroup and our beautiful, ancient Parish church. When they joined the school, I became a Parent Governor and ran a French After-School Club. We have also had great fun and made lots of friends taking part in the Panto – on and off -stage – and the Stilton District Twinning with St Christol in France.

Having retired after nearly 40 years of language teaching, community translation and working with young people, life has come full circle, and I am proud to be back as a Community School Governor and, pre-COVID, volunteering at Pre-School as well as a Parish Councillor.

I am still passionate about education – especially reading, writing and learning good social skills and healthy ways to live.

Without a healthy environment, we have nothing. In all of our three homes, we have made a wild-life garden encouraging insects, worms, birds, amphibians and hedgehogs. One is not enough – a whole network is needed. To sustain people as much as animals, as we have recently found out.

Without a kind and caring community, we are not much better off. Changing the world may not be an option, but my fellow councillors and are I are privileged to work together with you – as hands-on as possible –  look after our community, our history, footpaths, flora and fauna.