Playing Field History & information

Playing Field History & information

Playing field

The playing field is situated at the bottom of Townsend Way.  It was acquired by the Parish as a planning gain when the new houses were built in 1999. A tree belt between the playing field and the houses backing onto the field was required at the time by Huntingdon District Council.

It was officially opened on the 27th May 2000 by Jim Blackman, local farmer, long time member of the Parish Council and previous Chairman.

Gradually the playing field has been developed.  Equipment has been erected on the playing field as finances have allowed.

This includes

  • Football posts (2004 replaced 2009))
  • A cricket wicket (2007)
  • Play equipment (2010 and 2013)
  • Shelter (2011)
  • Outdoor gym equipment (2014)
  • Additional seating (2014)
  • Table tennis table (2015)

It is a lovely facility for the Parish, providing opportunities for play both on the equipment and on the wider field.  It is has also been used over the years as a venue for the annual fete.  The hedgerows and trees also provide habitat for nature. The oak trees on the far boundary were grown and planted by Shirley Ascott, villager and previous member of the Parish Council.

Please note that Dogs are not allowed on the field

Maintenance of the playing field and equipment.

The Playing field is maintained for the parish by the Parish Council. This includes

  • Monthly inspections by the clerk
  • An annual inspection by ROSPA
  • Grass and tree maintenance currently under a contract with RJC Countryside

The Parish Council has a limited budget to repair equipment and will look to replace or increase equipment when required and as funds and grants allow.  This year bird deterrents have been fitted to the swings, some wood has been replaced on some pieces of equipment eg the ship.

If members of the public have any concerns about the Play Equipment or notice any faults or damage, they should contact the Parish Clerk Jackie Stanbridge.


At present the play equipment and field is open to the public but users should follow the current guidance concerning social distancing, washing hands before and after usage etc.

The play equipment is not cleaned regularly and users are encouraged to clean high use areas themselves before and  after using  the equipment.

If the Parish Council reserves the right to close the play equipment if it feels rules are not being followed.

The Gym equipment is closed at present as directed, by Government and should not be used.